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Antaneea Massage Technique
Antaneea is a powerful biodynamic bodywork process; combining the use of coloured oils, crystals and sound with massage. Our bodies store all the events we encounter throughout our lives; mentally and physically. The situations which cause us the most distress are usually locked deeper within and can hold us back from achieving our full potential in the present and future. This process serves to identify and release these traumatic, emotional memories from the body.
The Antaneea Technique was developed by Penni Du Plessi, in South Africa; for further details please visit Divine Space
Each session involves three massages; working on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Each massage applies a selection of the coloured Oils of Transformation. The oils are hand blended in a sacred environment by Penni, using essential oils and organic colour; each one is specially created to heal and support each part of the body it is applied to.
The massage is performed from head to toe on the back of the body. The massage sequence is then followed by Chakra Balancing using sound and symbolism. A selection of crystals are placed beneath the therapy couch to create a 'gateway' for the body to release the trauma. The session is completed by gentle pressure being applied to twelve pulse points on the ears; this promotes access to deeply held subconscious memories.
Three sessions are recommended to achieve the maximum benefits from this very deep treatment; with a minimum of two weeks gap between. Each session lasts approximately two hours. It is recommended that casual clothes are worn to your appointment as the oils are best left on the body to continue working.
The Oils of Transformation and Divine Transformation Sprays are available to purchase to support the continual healing process. Also hand crafted 'Liquid Gold' or Copper Energy Pendants.
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