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Reiki Workshops in Kendal

Reiki I
This course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about Reiki and would like to learn to heal themselves, friends and family. The course is 2 days and the energy exchange is £120. £25 deposit secures your place. If you are interested or just want to find out more then give me a call on 07742 472 486.
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means ‘universal energy ‘ it occurs naturally in all living things. It activates the bodies self healing ability helping bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. It is most effective when used to treat the whole body, however, it can also useful on a specific area, for instance, with a broken bone.
The benefits of Reiki are amazing…you get to learn to use this on yourself, your family, friends even pets and house plants benefit.

If you are already attuned to Reiki I and would like to undertake the
Reiki II training enables you to become a Reiki Practitioner. You will learn sacred symbols and how to send Reiki distantly as well as receiving the Reiki II attunement. £25 deposit secures your place. If you are interested or just want to find out more then give me a call on 07742 472 486.

For those who are considering undertaking the Reiki Master training I run this in 2 parts. Firstly Reiki III the advanced Reiki level where you are first introduced to Reiki Master symbols. Then the Reiki Master Teacher  This includes a further attunements at a sacred site. You will learn new symbols and how to attune other people to Reiki. As this is life changing anyone signing up to this is required to speak to me first to discuss their commitment to becoming a Reiki master.
 The uses of Reiki are unlimited it has been used to help with:
  • · Aches, pains, twists and sprains
  • · Arthritis & multiple sclerosis
  • · Back ache & joint pains.
  • · Beneficial for people suffering from cancer and the side effects
  • · Migraines and headaches
  • · Reduce stress and relax the mind
  • · Broken bones and shock.
  • · Sore throats, colds & immune system
  • · Digestive problems and menstrual pains.
  • · Depression and to bring about happiness
  • · Pregnancy related issues, babies & children
  • · It can also be used to treat animals.
Why become attuned:
  • Reiki I :  process of attunement starts the healing, can continue to self treat daily, can treat family and pets.
  • Reiki II: can move on to become a Reiki practitioner and treat others.
  • Reiki III
  • Reiki Master Teacher: more refinement, ability to teach others.
  • great for those working with animals. can attune animals also  vets permission for working on an animal first.
  • if pregnant the baby becomes attuned also, which is really calming and beneficial to the baby
Payment plans available
Marina's Lineage
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