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Eriksonian Hypnotherapy
Milton Erikson was one of the most successful Hypnotherapist of his time. His unique style Is ethical and fully respects each individuals wishes, using clean language to ensure the client gets exactly what they specifically want from each session. It is tailor made to each individual. Because of this it is highly effective and permissive. Its uses are widespread including:
  • · Improving sleep and relaxation
  • · Reducing stress, tension & anxiety
  • · Smoking and weight loss
  • · Clearing the past without the trauma
  • · Flying and other fears
  • · Improving self esteem and confidence
  • · Enhance feeling of wellbeing and trust
  • · Find your purpose in life
  • · Timeline intervention
  • · Improving performance and potential
  • · Enhance feelings of happiness
  •   Clearing unconcious issues