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New Year Visioning

Want to start a clear vision? with confidence in the decisions you have made? in the flow? Then join us this Saturday and create your vision for 2019.

What does it involve?
The day will consist of quite meditation and guided mediation, visioning, creating vision boards using the North American medicine wheel, making an inspiration calendar with some milestone events, HUGGS (Huge Universally Great Goals), and sacred ceremony working in sacred space.


Visioning is a great way for you to send out a clear message to the universe what it is you want to see happen or receive in your life. When you send out mixed message you will receive mixed message as the universe always replies. Working together in a group helps to empower this visioning process more and gain greater clarity.

What will you need?

Bring your ideas and what inspires you to breath and live life to the fullest. Bring your laptop and start collecting some inspirational photos for the day ( a printer is optional if you can). Bring high vibrational food to share for lunch (Blessed), Bring anything else you like to inspire you such as crystals your favourite blanket or a pillow.

When: TBA please contact me for details

Where: The Sacred Centre, 21 High Sparrowmire, Kendal LA9 5PD

Cost: £40 each

Booking is essential. To book this online and make payment :

Or email and pay on the day.