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Energy Exchange

Each treatment I give is unique and centred specifically for the needs of each person. I work at a deep level of soul and usually receive information and intuition alongside the regular treatment I am undertaking whether that be massage, reflexology, coaching, hypnotherapy etc. So although you may book in for a simple massage you will usually receive more guided information to the root cause of the illness, pain or situation that you are going through.

30mins       £30
60mins       £60
2 Hr            £100

I offer special rates for those who commit to their healing process and book in for a series of treatments. These offers include:

Therapies for children under 8 
 £30 per session.
If your child is struggling whether that be unable to sleep, changes in behaviour, angry or sad then they may benefit from Energy Therapy using the Diamond Light Alignments. Treatments are very gentle yet effective at clearing mind chatter, negative thought patterns and anything blocking them from moving forward. They remain fully dressed and can just lie down. They do no need to talk about the situation if they are struggling to express their feelings all i ask is that they are open to receiving help. Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage

£40 for 1hr session booked indivdiually

Reiki sessions

£40 for 1 hr

Reiki is the universal life force energy which flows through everything which is alive. During a Reiki session you remain clothed and energy is channelled from source. most people feel deeply relaxed or fall asleep during a session. Reiki stimulates the body to naturally heal itself and allows the cells of the body to come back to their optimum for health. Reiki can be used to help with any issue from stress and sleep problems to serious health issues. I usually find that many acute issues can clear up in 1-3 sessions where as chronic issues tend to benefit from regular sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly until the body is able to naturally hold optimum health itself. Many with serious long term issues also benefit from being attuned to Reiki levels 1-3 themselves so that they can self heal whenever they need, this can also be a cost effective way of improving overall wellness for those who need regular support.

Reiki I Attunement: £120 - 2 day course
Reiki II Attunement: £150 - 2 day course
Reiki III Master/Teacher : £600 -4 day course

Set of 3 Tree Soul Massage or Distant Tree Energy Therapy sessions. 

£ 60 each 

The Tree Soul Massage technique is a gentle yet deep massage undertaken at the level of Soul using heated polished wood, tree oils, tree essences and the healing energies the trees. Can be used to help the body, mind, emotions and spiritual aspects of life. Many people notice they have a closer connection with trees after the experience. After a session most people feel calm and relaxed with a reduction in pain and a quieting if the mind. Great to reconnect to the earth for grounding and to connect to Source for inspiration. Sessions usually last between 1-2hrs. Ideally spaced 2-3 weeks apart or monthly. Can also be undertaken distantly as a distant healing treatment.  

Set of 3 Antaneea Massage Technique.

£ 90 each usual price £100 Set of 3 Antaneea Massages.

These are 2 hour massages undertaken at the level of Soul using colour therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy and much, much more. Usually set 10 days to 21 days apart. This offer is available when you commit to undertake 3 treatments which deepens the process.

Diamond Light Soul Alignment

£60 each  

Diamond light alignments which align you with your soul, 1st session is a mini or full alignment, 2nd session Ancestral Healing, 3rd session is Soul Retrieval. Great package when feeling stuck in life and want to move forward, if feeling off balance and just not your self. If you notice you are repeating family patterns and want to break free or if you have suffered physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma. Rebuilds your energy field.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

£ 60 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a form of modern psychology used by people such as the Speakmans and Paul McKenna.  It can help clear your past, help you to deal with your present and enable you to look forward to your future. Clearing past events and trauma, limiting beliefs, and creating positive futures and achievable goals. 
Hypnotherapy £ 60

Milton Erikson was one of the most successful Hypnotherapist of his time. Eriksonian hypnotherapy can be used to clear a wide range of issues that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Issues from the past, fears and phobias, trauma, anxiety etc. It is different to the  conventional Hypnotherapy in that we use your past experiences, values and beliefs to empower the changes rather than try to get you to accept thoughts and ways of being that you may not believe. Sessions usually last 75 minutes and depending on what you want to achieve you may need between 1 and 10 sessions. Phobia cures usually require 1-2 sessions and can be life transforming. Transforming different aspects of your life to help you work to your highest potential may take 10 or more spread over a period of a year. We can undertake unconscious clearing of significant events you know longer need to relive consciously such as car accidents and trauma. Or conscious sessions where you need to have conscious understanding of why such an incident happened in your life so you can move on.
Set of 5 Breakthrough NLP /Hypnotherapy Sessions

£60 per session. 1 hr sessions

Ideal for anyone who wants to make a breakthough in their life with something that has been holding them back. 

Set Of 10 Transform your life sessions.

£100 per 2hr session  

10 sessions spaced a month apart over a year
Using a wide range of the therapies I have to offer. This is for those who want to go deep and transform their lives. I’ve done it and it has totally transformed my life.