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Reiki Treatments
SV202886 [tree sparkle]Reiki means  ‘universal energy ‘ it
occurs naturally in all living things. It heals the mind, body and spirit. When the body and mind are sick and tired Reiki can heal holistically bringing you back into balance. It is most effective when used to treat the whole body, however, it can also be useful on a specific area, for instance, with a
broken bone. As a Reiki master I work alongside traditional medicine and complement it.
The uses of Reiki are unlimited it has been used to treat:
· Aches, pains, twists and sprains
· Arthritis & multiple sclerosis
· Back ache & joint pains.
· is beneficial for those suffering from cancer and the side effects
· Migraines and headaches
· Reduce stress and relax the mind
· Broken bones and shock.
· Sore throats, colds & immune system
· Digestive problems and menstrual pains.
· Depression and to bring about happiness
· Pregnancy related issues, babies & children
· It can also be used to treat animals.
For more detailed information on what is reiki please click on frequently asked questions 

Reiki is excellent for calming the mind and body, giving you time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself. It is excellent for relieving stress and can also be beneficial for a wide range of medical ailments. So why not book a session and give it a try.